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The Trinidad and Tobago Football Association will be welcoming the Secondary Schools Football League and the the Trinidad and Tobago Referees Associations at the Home of Football when it begins its operations from the Ato Boldon Stadium in June, 2017.

On Thursday it was announced that the TTFA’s headquarters will be based at the Couva facility, also housing the T&T Pro League, Women’s Football League and the TT Super League and today TTFA President David John Williams was pleased to reveal that the Secondary Schools Football League and the Referees Association will also be accommodated at the venue.

This is an indication of the FA’s commitment to innovation and advancement towards everything football through a collective efforts of the major stakeholders in Trinidad and Tobago football.

TTFA President David John-Williams added: “The various organisations and key stakeholders in local football coming together at the home of football,and now with the inclusion of the Secondary Schools Football League and the Referees Association, represents another significant step forward for the FA.

“This is all part of our ongoing attempt towards  ensuring that the home for football offers the very best opportunities as broad and diverse with an array of football related resources possible at one location which we hope will make it ever more convenient for all involved in their efforts towards taking football forward,” John-Williams added.

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