Club Sando’s Dillon Yearwood, hat-trick assaulted Police FC in their U16 encounter at the Police Barracks 6 – 0.

A rainy day for football, both teams found it difficult to adjust to the conditions. The first half was evenly matched, seeing both teams going to the half time 0 – 0.

As the second half commended the goals started pouring in as the rain earlier. A long raking diagonal pass from Kodel Frontin over the Police Defence into the pathway of Dillon Yearwood, which he took under control nicely with a fierce shot in the side net to beat Police goalkeeper Justin Ottley.

Ottley was the more busy of the both goalkeepers, as Club Sando goalkeeper appeared to be a spectator throughout the match.

Justin Ottley made a couple great saves to help his team from an even more embarrassing score. The puddle of water in font on the goal played an important role as shots from Kent Hamilton and Keston Archibald stuck in the puddle in front of goal.

Justin Ottley dunk up field saw the ball headed forward by Club Sando’s player to Dillon Yearwood, were he eluded Police defence and once beats Justin Ottley at the far post.

Due to the muddy condition Club Sando had no choice but to play long direct passes, which worked well for them.

Justin Ottley made a one handed save, only to see the rebound fall to Kodel Frontin who struck the ball in the roof of the net. Smart move because he saw his shot stop in the puddle of water before.

Police without a shot on target for the entire second half, although Jananee Ramsaran tried with a long she going wide. Tough day for the Police team in their home grounds.

Club Sando got a free kick around 20 yards out and Rinaldo Mc Intosh stepped up and curled the ball over the wall and into the right side in the goal, leaving Justin Ottley diving attempt helpless.

Dillon Yearwood with a rocket of a shot outside of the 18yards flew pass Ottley who could only watch the ball in back of the net. Njisane Bayne Police FC defender round up a poor Police Performance. He failed to clear the ball allowing Akiel Henry to latch on the ball and neatly chip the Justin Ottley in the Police goal.