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Sun, May

Flow 2017 Youth Pro League action between W Connection (green) and St. Ann’s Rangers at Trinity College ground Moka on Sunday 19 March. (Photo courtesy Facebook posting)

Molik Khan continued his impressive start to the Flow 2017 Youth Pro League by netting four goals to power W Connection to a 7-0 win over their St. Ann’s Rangers Under-13 counterparts on Sunday at Trinity College ground in Moka.

Khan, who scored a hat-trick against Central FC in a 6-1 opening win two weeks ago, added his fourth, fifth, sixth and seventh goals of the season in the first, 3rd, 19th and 47th minutes on Sunday. Team-mate Jaden Grant grabbed a first half double, netting in the 5th and 10th minutes, separated by Chaz Forde’s sixth-minute strike towards Connection’s celebration of two in two.

The result moved Connection (6 points) up a spot into third on the U-13 standings behind leaders Police FC (9 points), who defeated Club Sando 3-0 at the Barracks for their third win in as many games, and second positioned Point Fortin Civic (7 points), who were held to a 1-1 draw by visiting Defence Force at the Mahaica Oval.

Rangers rebounded to defeat Connection 2-0 in the Under-15 division with Darius Douglas and Keron Manswell netting on either side of the break, before both sides had to settle for a point in the Under-17 division following a 1-1 draw.

Kesean St Rose had put Rangers U-17s ahead on four minutes but Christian Ransome snatched the late equaliser for Connection with two minutes left.

San Juan Jabloteh, treble winners of the last two seasons, maintained their perfect status after two outings this season.

Theron O’Brien scored twice for Jabloteh U-13s while Ishmael Lewis, Deshawn Brown and Kyle Dwarika chipped in with goal each to defeat Central FC, who also conceded an own goal, 6-2 at San Juan North Secondary ground.

Central went ahead in the first minute of play courtesy a Malachai Daniel item in the U-15 division but lost the lead from an own goal before Josiah Edwards netted the eventual Jabloteh winner just over the half-hour mark.

Central were unresponsive in the U-17s as they were trashed 6-0 by the might of Jabloteh. Tyrese Bailey ended with a double while Kyle Thomas, Kerdell Sween, Tyrese Pierre and Jodel Brown each had a goal.

North East Stars, taking to the field for the first time this season after relinquishing full points in all divisions by default in their opening two fixtures, also enjoyed a hat-trick of wins on Sunday.

The young Stars whipped Morvant Caledonia United 6-3, 4-1 and 4-0 in the U-13, U-15 and U-17 divisions respectively at Maracas Recreation Ground in St. Joseph.


Under-13 Division

San Juan Jabloteh 6 (Ishmael Lewis 31’, Theron O’Brien 34’, 40’, Deshawn Brown 45’, Own Goal 50’, Kyle Dwarika 60’) vs Central FC 2 (Romario Nelson 11’, Abdul-Quddoos Hypolite 35’), at San Juan North Secondary;

St. Ann’s Rangers 0 vs W Connection 7 (Molik Khan 1’, 3’, 19’, 47’, Jaden Grant 5’, 10’, Chaz Forde 6’), at Trinity College, Moka;

Police FC 3 (Own Goal 30’, Nathaniel Carrim 34’, Isaiah Joseph 45’) vs Club Sando 0, St. James Barracks outside field;

Point Fortin Civic 1 (Kanye Francis 47’) vs Defence Force 1 (Terrell Gibson 49’), Mahaica Oval;

Morvant Caledonia United 3 (Josiah Hill 20’, 62’, Jabari Grumble 31’) vs North East Stars 6 (Tyrick Trotman 19’, 70’, Tyrell Rivers 26’, Nkosi Fuentes 65’, Jean Pierre 69’, Kerdell Rivers 70’), Maracas St. Joseph Recreation Ground.

Under-15 Division

San Juan Jabloteh 2 (Own Goal 5’, Josiah Edwards 34’) vs Central FC 1 (Malachai Daniel 1’), at San Juan North Secondary;

St. Ann’s Rangers 2 (Darius Douglas 2’, Keron Manswell 70’) vs W Connection 0, at Trinity College, Moka;

Police FC 0 vs Club Sando 1 (Kal-el Agar 75’), St. James Barracks outside field;

Point Fortin Civic 1 (Jahmali Cobham 50’) vs Defence Force 2 (Justin Araujo Wilson 62’, 79’), Mahaica Oval;

Morvant Caledonia United 0 vs North East Stars 4 (Own Goal 24’, Isaiah Coxall 40’, Jermelle Trim 52’, Jeruel Noel 78’), Maracas St. Joseph Recreation Ground.

Under-17 Division

San Juan Jabloteh 6 (Tyrese Bailey 6’, 26’, Kyle Thomas 63’, Kerdell Sween 68’, Tyrese Pierre 73’, Jodel Brown 80’) vs Central FC 0, at San Juan North Secondary;

St. Ann’s Rangers 1 (Kesean St Rose 4’) vs W Connection 1 (Christian Ransome 88’), at Trinity College, Moka;

Police FC 2 (Zion Mc Leod 11’, Kereem Grant 40’) vs Club Sando 2 (Akeem Marine 66’, Isa Bramble 77’), St. James Barracks outside field;

Point Fortin Civic 2 (Ackeel Jacob 69’, Jerin Jackie 75’) vs Defence Force 1 (Jabari Watson 87’), Mahaica Oval;

Morvant Caledonia United 1 (Akeem Mason 68’) vs North East Stars 4 (Keon Boney 26’, Jaydon Powell 31’, Isaiah Pascall 67’, 81’), Maracas St. Joseph Recreation Ground.