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Sat, Mar


Darius Douglas scored his second hat-trick of the season last Saturday but it wasn’t enough as the attacking midfielder and his St. Ann’s Rangers Under-15 team-mates were edged 4-3 by Defence Force in Round Two Match Day One of the Flow Youth Pro League 2017.

Douglas, now with 9 league goals this season, scored in the 51st, 55th and 57th minutes to overturn a two-goal first half deficit after hosts Defence Force took into the break a two nil lead courtesy a Joshua Samuel double (37th & 39th minutes).

But unlike his hat-trick in a 5-1 win against Central FC on 2 April, Douglas’ latest exploit came in a losing result at Trinity College East in Trincity.

Defence Force had struck back twice within a space of three minutes, grabbing the equaliser through Jeremiah Williams in the 78th minute, and the winner from Marc Wharfe ten minutes from time to maintain second spot on the U15 standings with 22 points.

San Juan Jabloteh (27 points) maintained their five-point lead at the top of the U15 standings with a 2-0 win over Club Sando thanks to a Micai Peters double, separated by the half.

Third-place Police FC (20 points) were slowed by North East Stars, who held the Blues to a 1-1 draw. W Connection (19 points) meanwhile, hurdled Point Fortin Civic (17 points) for third.

Adica Ash’s late item earned Connection a narrow 1-0 win over Central at the D’Abadie Recreation Ground in Arima, while Civic were held to a 2-2 draw by Morvant Caledonia United at Maracas Recreation Ground in St. Joseph.

Morvant Caledonia, who lost 3-1 in the Under-13 division against the visiting Civic, later handed over all three points by default in the Under-17 division.

Defence Force U13s were the biggest winners of last Saturday, ending a four-game losing streak with a 7-2 win over Rangers.

Joshua Mason scored a beaver-trick, finding the back of the visitors’ net in the 13th, 18th, 30th and 66th minutes, for the Defence Force U13s, who also had a double from Terrell Gibson and an item from Christopher Brooks.

Defence Force moved up two spots into fifth with 13 points on the U13 standings, but are still a long way from leaders Police FC (30 points), who, perfect at the top with maximum points after ten games, got their latest victory by edging North East Stars 2-1.

Rangers, though, remain anchored at the bottom and without a point as Morvant Caledonia.

Rangers, however, stormed back in the U17 division to defeat Defence Force 4-0 and hurdle North East Stars (18 points) by goal-difference for third spot, one point behind W Connection but five points adrift of leaders Jabloteh, who were held to a 2-2 draw by Club Sando.

Naphtali Carrington opened the scoring for Rangers U17s after just three minutes, but it was not until in the last 17 minutes of the game that the St. Ann’s side ran away with the comfortable result.

Che Benny, the winner of the Flow Ultimate Football Experience 2017, notched his sixth goal of the season ahead of his VIP experience at Manchester United later this week. Nkosi Salandy scored Rangers’ third item on 82 minutes and Kesean St. Rose made it 4-0 in the 90th-minute.


UNDER-13 Division

Central FC 1 (Du’Shawn Augustus 65’) vs W Connection 2 (Molik Khan 32’, 35’), at D’Abadie Recreation Ground, Arima;

Club Sando 3 (Anthony Williams 53’, Jeremiah Ottway 65’, Jalon Brereton 66’) vs San Juan Jabloteh 4 (Jaheim Faustin 5’, Jordan Ferguson 24’, Nkosi Ambrose 42’, Lawrence Thomas 52’), Grand Chemin Ground, Moruga;

Defence Force 7 (Joshua Mason 13’, 18’, 30’, 66’, Christopher Brooks 38’, Terrell Gibson 43’, 45’) vs St. Ann’s Rangers 2 (Ajani Andrews 64’, Brandon Parks 67’), at Trinity College East, Trincity;

North East Stars 1 (Jean Pierre Reyes 58’) vs Police FC 2 (Tyreke Harding 57’, Isaiah Thomas 65’), at Ojoe Road Recreation Ground, Sangre Grande;

Morvant Caledonia United 1 (Ivan George 8’) vs Point Fortin Civic 3 (Kanye Francis 2’, Isaiah Thompson 6’, 31’), at Maracas Recreation Ground, St. Joseph.

UNDER-15 Division

Central FC 0 vs W Connection 1 (Adica Ash 78’), at D’Abadie Recreation Ground, Arima;

Club Sando 0 vs San Juan Jabloteh 2 (Micai Peters 40’, 48’), Grand Chemin Ground, Moruga;

Defence Force 4 (Joshua Samuel 37’, 39’, Jeremiah Williams 78’, Marc Wharfe 80’) vs St. Ann’s Rangers 3 (Darius Douglas 51’, 55’, 57’), at Trinity College East, Trincity;

North East Stars 1 (Alvin Moses 76’) vs Police FC 1 (Mathias Hinkson 10’), at Ojoe Road Recreation Ground, Sangre Grande;

Morvant Caledonia United 2 (Naeem Bisnath 55’, Jaheim Granderson 76’) vs Point Fortin Civic 2 (Amaale Julien 25’, Jhavani Jack 51’), at Maracas Recreation Ground, St. Joseph.

UNDER-17 Division

Central FC 1 (Dorian Sampson 53’) vs W Connection 1 (Tyrike Andrews 73’), at D’Abadie Recreation Ground, Arima;

Club Sando 2 (Jardel Sinclair 38’, Ronaldo Mc Intosh 53’) vs San Juan Jabloteh 2 (Brandon Semper 76’, Trevin Thomas 85’), Grand Chemin Ground, Moruga;

Defence Force 0 vs St. Ann’s Rangers 4 (Naphtali Carrington 3’, Che Benny 74’, Nkosi Salandy 82’, Kesean St. Rose 90’), at Trinity College East, Trincity;

North East Stars 2 (John-Paul Rochford 1’, Jaydon Prowell 5’) vs Police FC 2 (Romario Burke 61’, Jabari Boyce 73’), at Ojoe Road Recreation Ground, Sangre Grande;

Morvant Caledonia United 0 vs Point Fortin Civic 3, at Maracas Recreation Ground, St. Joseph.
Civic won by default.

North East Stars 2 vs Police FC 2 

Morvant Caledonia United 0 vs Point Fortin Civic 3, at Maracas Recreation Ground, St. Joseph.
Civic won by default.